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St. Valentine - Pocket Saints
St. Valentine - Pocket Saints
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St. Valentine - Pocket Saints

St. Valentine - Pocket Saints

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About St Valentine Pocket Saint

St. Valentine was a bishop who lived in roman occupied territory.  Though not much is known about his life, he was a dedicated man of faith who worked to lead souls to Christ when doing so was illegal.  According to tradition, St. Valentine even married young couples in defiance of the law and preformed miracles related to those in love.  Martyred for his faith, his tomb in Terni, Italy, became a common pilgrimage in the 5th Century for young couples who sought his intercession.  St. Valentine is the patron saint of bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, happy marriages, plague, young people, and more.

Introducing Pocket Saints from Gloria & Praise!  Each Pocket Saint is hand created from two wooden beads which are hand painted.  After being hand-painted & assembled, the "saints" are strung on Olive color premium gutted paracord and finished with a high-quality black metal spring mini-carabiner buckle.  

Pocket Saints are perfect for attaching to bags, your key chain, a zipper, or anywhere else you choose!  Pocket Saints make the perfect gift! 

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